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The character lineup of both CSF and NEO factions. All character skins, regardless of gender and level share the same hitboxes.

Just like the standard Counter-Strike forces, the CSF faction aligns with the default Terrorist team with objectives on site bombing and elimination of the NEO opposition, while the NEO acts as the Counter-Terrorists in such scenarios.


CSF Soldier Male
CSF Soldier Female


CSF’s regular army general infantry.

During the beginning of CSF’s establishment, most of them were from the old nation military but due to the shortage of personnel, the number increased to include non-military backgrounds.

Therefore many soldiers are deployed without sufficient training, and the level of training varies among individuals.

Ranger Female


A division of the CSF dubbed the “Special Ranger”.

Since their main missions include reconnaissance, sabotage, surprise attacks and such, they are not afraid to infiltrate enemy territory. Only the fittest are eligible to enter.

These Rangers wear light clothing and less formal equipment to prioritize mobility. 

MOTTO: “Those who overcome fear lead to victory”

Force24 Male
Force24 Female


A division of the CSF dubbed the “Special Warfare Units”.

These recruits often participate in dangerous joint bomb scenarios with other units.

To counter the NEO soldiers once the bomb has been planted, those with precision marksmanship are deployed.

They are well-equipped to accommodate various missions and situations

MOTTO: “Control power through tactics”

Heavy Male
Heavy Female


A division of the CSF dubbed the “Special Reaction Team”, comprising select CSF soldiers.

Such units has mastered all kinds of techniques necessary to carry out missions from suppressing fire to demolitions.

By planning against high-valued locations or targets, the Heavy Arms unit specializes in bomb installations as well as sabotage operations.

With such impeccable standards, those unable to maintain their performance are mercilessly discharged.

MOTTO: “Everything is for our mission”

Greyhound Male
Greyhound Female


Fearless, gung-ho, relentless, these soldiers belong to the most aggressive team on CSF.

Originally these were former prisoners that were gathered by a secret unit to be executed by the firing squad, and if they survived, were granted a pardon to be put on the front lines.

Despite being exposed to harsh battlefield conditions, these survivors returned with impressive results. Among them, those who wished to remain in the faction were retrained and organized as a formal unit.

Currently as an elite unit to break through the battlefield stalemate, the Greyhound fights on the front lines alongside other divisions.

MOTTO: “Greyhounds never retreat”

Seeker Male
Seeker Female


Going by the code-name of “SierWinde”, a smaller elite team of Seekers is formed when the going gets tough.

All members are excellent in tactical thinking abilities; they are trained to improvise with their own proficient combat experience to turn the tide of battle.

To properly equip their factions for future battles, Seekers source for locally-available weapons and ammunitions. 

MOTTO: “Obsession with victory”

Night Force Male
Night Force Female


Code-named “Perfection”, members of the Night Force undergo vigorous training and examinations related to strategic thinking, as well as those recognized by the higher ups for possessing excellent skills and personalities.

Combat ability in this division is one of the best among the others. No matter what situation one is in, he or she will carry out the assigned mission with precise teamwork, accurate judgement and swift unit deployment.

These members command higher authority than of a general unit commander, even in the field by commanding the planning  and execution of operations, with their modus operandi documented to the finest detail for other divisions to emulate.

MOTTO: “Surely win and surely survive”

Soldier Ace


To make up for the shortage of recruits, CSF sought for human resources with the willingness to serve.

Those that have mastered the handling of firearms at a certain level such as from mercenary units, law enforcement agencies and private military companies are exempted from general training courses.

As a proof of completing the trainings, each member is awarded a special emblem.


Type Zero Male
Type Zero Female


The combat soldiers of NEO.

Mass-produced biological machines are implanted into the bloodstream of all NEO subjects, rendering them emotionless, therefore securing NEO’s mental control over them.

While there are abnormal cases of transplant rejections in certain test subjects, TYPE ZEROS are successful results of the subjects’ compatibility with the biotechnology.

Lost Number


Prototype units developed based on the TYPE ZERO blueprint before the complete development of the latter.

Designed as avant-garde, these subjects are equipped for extreme offense and defense roles on the front lines. Fine-tuned to perform more aggressively at the cost of higher neural (brain) stress in the long term, LOST NUMBER and MISSING were eventually phased out in favor of TYPE ZEROS due to the ongoing series of technical issues.



Another prototype development based on the same TYPE ZERO blueprint, mainly assigned as rearguards.

These subjects are coated with fabrics made from artificial muscle cells made to withstand damage sustained from bomb scenarios. With the synaptic signals in the brain facilitated to the suit through biomachines to speed up body movement, this allow even untrained ordinary humans to exhibit similar performance to their trained counterparts.

However this experiment also caused mental breakdown among subjects exposed to prolonged battles or simulations, but improvements were made based on available test data while implementing TYPE ZEROS’ armor.



A prototype model of enhanced combat prowess under research of the leader of the military. It was expected to secure advantageous shooting positions during the early stages of a battle with cutting-edge technology.

Therefore, adjustments were made to strategize such placements to acquire sufficient firepower to break through the enemies defense in the shortest time possible.

While there have been reports that several subjects that passed the mass production were actively deployed in the battlefield, only a handful of CSF soldiers that lived to tell the tale downplayed them. Therefore, the true abilities of BLITZ and FRANCS remain unknown.



Amongst the many experimental laboratories in the NEO facility, only this model is located deep inside the 8th laboratory, which remain under control by the president.

Such experiments are conducted on selected samples that express strong reactions to pleasure among the residents of a nearby shanty town.

By mechanizing various body parts, it has been established in theory that the degree of reactivity to pleasure is proportional to the range of control towards the biomachines. The side effect, however means this also drains the emotions of the subject.

Further experiments have been underway to eventually neutralize fear emotions to undertake dangerous operations such as bomb scenarios.



A general-purpose high-end model that underwent comprehensive customization based on the past battle data of TYPE ZEROS.

By simulating test battles and practices with a small number of selected subjects and increasing the links of biomachines within the members, this allowed battlefield information to be shared and disseminated accurately for further fine-tuning.

Subjects belonging to this upper echelon have been fully-compatible with biomachine implantation and being bestowed the utmost privilege, are given a special status and the highest honor by NEO, inducing envy in other soldiers.



A special composite material suit made of V-Carbonate, an artificial molecule that does not allow electromagnetic pulse (EMP) to pass through, further enhancing its durability.

Unlike previous suits, it is a simple yet lightweight model with significantly improved reaction speed and superior combat reflexes, thanks to every battle simulation being computed by the internal biological machine and the analyzed results transmitted to the neuron (brain), enabling both PHANTOMS and GHOSTS to carry out tasks with the highest success rate.

Like other models during their research stages, lots of difficulties surfaced with reports of sudden breakdowns as well as emotional disorders and memory losses before refinements had to be made.

Zero Storm


“ZERO Plan” is a current revision of the current TYPE ZERO models, striving to achieve stellar performance by remodeling the general-purpose suit.

Among the submitted samples by NEO researchers, the “Storm” sample outperformed the rest but due to maintenance and upkeep costs, additional tests and development were stalled.

Later on, the researchers continued on developing the “TYPE ZERO-STORM” with further improvements on its fighting power whilst maintaining TYPE ZEROS’ body.

In the meanwhile, manufacturing costs remain yet to be resolved, but the results proved to be a success as a successor to the current TYPE ZERO in the near future.


By ranking or leveling up, each player’s player model color changes to correspond with the skill level from Beginner all the way to Super Advanced:

LV1 - Beginner GreenLight Blue
LV2 - IntermediateBrownPurple
LV3 - Intermediate/ AdvancedYellowBlue
LV4 - AdvancedOrangeEmerald
LV5 - Super AdvancedRedWhite
NEO Player Model Level